About Us

Villa Kore's land was bought as a symbol of a strong partner and friendship between our dad, our grandfather Hasan Ertenü and our great uncle Ferda Kahraman, in Yıldızburnu Ilıca Çeşme. Then our house was built by Sadi Tugay, a reputable architect of the era.

Hasan and Ferda were exporting the tobacco from the Aegean region of Turkey to South Korea and they were the only ones in the market. A considerable amount of money was made those days and this was how they afforded the land for Villa Kore, as the Duo wished the name to be.

Our first house used to be one piece, 2 feet to the coast and very big enough for 2 sisters & 1 brother, their children, grand parents and grand children to spend the summers all together.

For 40 years, as on a theater stage, we’ve lived many sweet and bitter events, births and losts. Villa Kore has been maintained twice and this third time, with the oldest grand child Onur Coskun’s devotion, B. Arch. Caner Biricik and Interior Designer Ozan Erden, we built a new residence on this land where we used to have olive and fig trees. At the meantime, we renovated our own house and refined the beach in front, for our guests’ use.

Before the construction, we moved olive trees into our garden in Alacati. And during the construction We kept serving our cats and other animal friends. Our workers too supported us on that, we can never pay their dutie.

We wish to welcome many other 40 years with you...Welcome...